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Safety Management Systems

Our Safety Management Systems are coming soon! If you require a custom built SMS do not hesitate to contact us. 

What is a Safety Management System (SMS)?

A safety management system is designed to manage safety risk in the workplace, occupational safety being defined as the reduction of risk to a level that is as low as is reasonably practicable or ALARP to prevent people getting hurt.

When is a Safety Management System (SMS) Required?

A SMS should be used by any and all businesses. All elements of an SMS should be reviewed regularly and, if necessary, revised. A review should be done:

  • If a risk control measure is revised

  • before making a significant change to the mining operations

  • If a notifiable incident occurs at the mine

  • If an audit of performance standards indicates a deficiency in a risk control measure

  • After a worker's task is changed in response to health surveillance results

  • If there is evidence that a risk control measure does not adequately control the risk

  • If a health and safety representative at the mine requests the review

Outsource Safety Forms SMS's include:

  • Safety Policy and Objectives

  • Safety Risk Management

  • Safety Assurance

  • Safety Promotion

  • Management Commitment

  • Safety Accountability and Responsibilities

  • Appointment of Key Safety Personnel

  • Coordination of Emergency Response Planning

  • SMS Documentation

  • Hazard Identification

  • Safety Risk Assessment and Mitigation

  • Safety Performance Monitoring and Measurement

  • Management of Change

  • Continuous Improvement of the SMS

  • Training and Education

  • Safety Communication

Require a custom SMS?

Looking for a custom SMS specifically written for your needs? Contact us with your requirements and we will get back to you with a quote! 


About Outsource Safety Forms:

Outsource Safety Forms is Australia’s best priced leading provider of workplace health and Safety documentation. Our Safety Management Systems have been developed over many years working across many industries.

We have 100's of Safe Management Systems in our database, and are adding to them daily! Plus we are 100% Australian owned and operated. (We do not use overseas call centres, everything is operated from within Australia, with our Head Office located in Brisbane)

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